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Posted on August 29, 2014 by Intimately, Soma

At Soma, we believe every woman deserves a beautiful and comfortable bra, especially while recovering from surgery. And, every woman deserves to feel confident during all stages of life, even in-between doctor’s visits and recuperation. For this reason, we are proud to offer bras with support, shaping and prosthesis pockets for post-surgical comfort. Our Post Surgical and Mastectomy online-exclusive collection includes both wirefree and underwire styles that are feminine, yet supportive. Our goal is to make finding the perfect fitting bra as simple as possible so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Meet our Post-Surgical Bras:

• Wirefree
• Half lace pocket
• Adjuster enclosed by strap preventing contact with skin
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 32D, 34-42C-D


• Wirefree
• Side shaping and overall support
• “V” banded bottom provides waistline comfort and mobility
• Wide, padded comfort straps
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 34-42B-DD


• Wirefree and seamless
• Light, soft, breathable and fast drying
• Designed to support and minimize movement
• Snug-fitting microfiber edging bands under the bust, neckline and around arms
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 32D, 34B-DD


• Wirefree with front fastener
• Full adjustable plush straps and wide band for comfort from rubbing
• Wicks away heat from radiated area
• Also good for arthritis and fibromyalgia patients
• Prevention of lymph build-up at the side under breast
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 32D, 34B-DD


• Wirefree
• High gore
• Straps positioned closer to center for extra support
• Molded and padded cups for concealment
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 34-40B-D, 42C-D


tonya chic
Tonya Chic
• Underwire
• High gore and stretch panel in cups for exact fit
• Elastic neckline trim to keep top secure
• Reinforced with stretch power net
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 34-42B-D


• Wirefree
• Basic t-shirt bra
• High gore and wide sides. Sits close to the chest
• Reinforced with stretch power net
• Breast form pockets on both sides
• 34-42B-D

Intimately, Soma

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Intimately, Soma

You may have seen the hashtag “#OneMillionBras” sprinkled throughout our social media pages. You may be asking yourself what exactly we mean by this and how it impacts you and your community. We’re here to share the details about a cause we feel so passionate about and our commitment to make a difference.

Bras are the most needed, yet least donated clothing item for women. For this reason, twice a year we host our Soma Bra Donation where we collect thousands of bras around the country and in partnership with NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence), these bras are distributed to domestic violence shelters to help women in need. The positive emotional impact that a donated bra can have on a woman is life changing. To a local domestic violence survivor, a bra not only signifies a physical necessity, it’s also a pathway to regaining her confidence and self esteem. A single bra can symbolize a new chapter and a new story. It symbolizes hope.

We’re challenging you, our loyal customers, to gather your friends and scour your top drawers for new or gently worn bras that you no longer wear. Help us reach #OneMillionBras in our pursuit to touch one million hearts.

Intimately, Soma

Our Soma Bra Donation is going on now through September 10th. Give today at your local Soma boutique, then share why you #give and tag @SomaIntimates.

08-21-14 Bra-Donation-Blog-IMAGE


What if one bra could slim your profile, reduce your bustline, provide support and offer a better fit in clothes? What if we told you there’s a bra that can do all of this? That’s right! Minimizer bras are designed to flatter and support while reducing the appearance of the bust. They evenly smooth the profile under form-fitting ensembles and eliminate gapping buttons on poplin tops.

And the benefits don’t end there. Most Minimizers feature comfort straps that prevent them from digging into the shoulders and provide added comfort.

Meet Soma’s Minimizers:

02-sensous-sides-1in-minSensuous Sides 1” Minimizer
Reduces the bustline up to 1”
Side slimming technology
Padded wings provide comfortable support
In sizes 34D-DDD, 36-40C-DDD, 42C-D


03-sensous-sides-3in-minSensuous Sides 3” Minimizer
Powerful Minimizer reduces the bustline up to 3”

Side slimming technology
Padded wings provide comfortable support
In sizes 34D-G, 36-42C-G


04-embraceable-no-show-minEmbraceable No Show Minimizer
Reduces the bustline up to 2”

Exclusive No Show lining conceals without adding bulk
Brushed microfiber fabric is soft against the skin
In sizes 34-40C-DDD


05-stunning-support-no-show-minStunning Support No Show Minimizer
Reduces the bustline up to 2”

Exclusive No Show lining conceals without adding bulk
Patent-pending seamless 3-zone support
In sizes 34D-DDD, 36-40C-G, 42-44D-G

Whether you desire to look slimmer or simply want to feel more confident beneath your clothes, a Minimizer bra is a wardrobe essential that should be in every woman’s top drawer!

Intimately, Soma

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